Tuesday, January 15, 2008


The only quasi-saving grace for the upcoming LIVE-ACTION Star Wars TV show was that Lucas said none of the characters from the previous movies would be in it; ALL NEW CHARACTERS. Well now he's changed his previous statement to include "... except Boba Fett, who will be an instrumental part of it." There's already speculation/talks about casting Daniel Logan, the young Boba from EPII, to reprise the role as a young adult Boba. It's obvious Lucas STILL does not understand what made Boba Fett cool... or Star Wars for that matter. Simply astonishing what he's done with that franchise. Even more astonishing is the fact us stupid fanboys will continue to slurp up his bile, thereby asking for more.

Where's the fucking Tylenol?


Anonymous said...

"..HA!!!!!.....HA!!!..........Lucas is ruining your childhood........."

Lisa said...

How else is he going to get people to watch the show? He's GOT to bring in Boba - a favorite of many quasi-fans of the franchise. Boba's hot right now, so he's using that to make sure people will watch the show. Otherwise those quasi-fans wouldn't bother.

Anonymous said...