Friday, February 15, 2008


Over at Buzznet, they had a clip from the upcoming WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. But apparently it was a fake. Too bad, cause it was really funny when I thought it was the real deal. It looked so boring and completely unsuccessful on so many levels. Just... embarassing for the filmmakers. But alas, it was a fake.

Basically the kid in PJs is walking next to a giant costume, like Sweetums from the Muppets. He asks the monster, "Know any tricks?" to which the monster has the kid hit him in the stomach with a stick for about 2minutes. "See? Nothing. Doesn't hurt. You know any tricks?" to which the kid starts doing 'the Robot' dance and says, "Robots are best." That makes the monster sad and he walks off pouting. The kid chases and they stand in the sunset being friends.

Why am I even keeping this post up? And why are you reading this crappy post?

Click HERE to see where it was... but now just has "We're sorry, this clip is no longer available. The user who posted this clip (which appears was user generated, and not from the film itself) pulled the clip down."

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