Thursday, February 28, 2008


Oh man-o-man, am I digging the 25th Anniv figures of the 3-3/4" GIJOE! I grew up on the Joe figures, comics and even the crappy cartoon! Back in the 90s, when the Star Wars figures were being relaunched, I said they should stick to the traditional packaging. Well, someone thought the same thing for these suckers! While the figures themselves are uninspiring, I'm really digging the old school packaging! They really take me back to my younger days!

Initially, I was just going to get Snake-Eyes (w/Timber) and Hooded Cobra Commander. Those are the two essential figures, for me. Being the fan of COBRA, I'm skipping most of the Joes. But like pringles, once you start, you can't stop! I am not addicted to these things. I still have some self-control, so please don't think I'm buying all of them. But come on, you gotsta have DESTRO.... STORM SHADOW.... FIREFLY.... COBRA COMMANDER, COBRA OFFICER and CRIMSON GUARD!! Right? Yes.

Pics posted are of what figures are available thus far (atleast, those figures I could find online shown with their card). Future Anniv figs will include COBRA VIPER, H.I.S.S. DRIVER, MAJOR BLUDD, BARONESS and even TOMAX & XAMOT!! ....and more!


Cucumberslices said...

Are these available now?

Jim said...

Almost all of them are available. Occassionally I'll see them at Toys R Us and Target. You can also look online...

here's one site:

Look around google and ebay and you'll find more. I'd say they should be no more than $15 each.... $8-10 is best, in my opinion. But to each his/her own.