Thursday, February 14, 2008


From MSNBC: Gorillas have been caught on camera for the first time performing face-to-face intercourse. Humans and bonobos were the only primates thought to mate in this manner. And while researchers have observed wild gorillas engaged in such an act, it had never been photographed. (article)

Why am I posting about this? Well, in part to celebrate Valentine's Day. Also, because how often do you have a chance to bring up the classic 1986 sequel KING KONG LIVES?! Where, as we all know, face-to-face gorilla intercourse was FIRST caught on camera!

Jeez, MSNBC... do your research.

*The female in the photograph, Leah, also made news in 2005 when she became the first of her kind spotted using tools. Researchers watched her use a stick to test the depth of a pool of water before wading into it.

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