Monday, February 25, 2008


They made a statue of ALITA-ONE!!!

I've mentioned her before, here on JimSmash, but for those who are not familiar with her... she's the leader of the all-female squad of Autobot Resistant fighters on Cybertron AND Optimus Prime's one true love!

In fact, they knew each other before the Great War! Back when Prime was merely the young dock worker ORION PAX and Alita-One was his girlfriend ARIEL.
[Orion Pax/Airel and Optimus Prime/Alita-One]

Many people thought ARCEE was the first female transformer, but nope! Alita-One and her team made their appearance on the original TV show! But alas, you never saw them again... not even in their own spin-off series (you'da thunk, huh?!). I suppose a 30-minute toy commercial for boy toys means boys would want the figures... and I guess the marketing people felt they wouldn't sell(???). But GIJoe had Baroness, Scarlett, Lady Jaye, Cover Girl, etc.... why couldn't we have these?!
The thing I never understood was why Prime hooked up with Alita-One, when she had such a fine lookin' lieutenant named CHROMIA - she's a fox! Unfortunately, she and Iron Hide had a thing together. Whatever, Iron Chump!
Anyway, back to point the subject of ALITA-ONE...
anyone remember the "sex scene" with her and Optimus Prime?
What? Like this is anything new or weird in 80s cartoons...

Hey, the Thundercats were waaay more funky!

How do you think LION-O went from BOY to MAN so quickly? Thundercats HOOOOOO!!!!!

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