Monday, February 11, 2008


SideShow Collectibles now has a life-size bust of EMPEROR PALPATINE. It looks pretty cool, but I don't know why anyone would want this thing in their house... to each their own. Regardless of placement possibilities, it does look pretty cool! Palpatine looked freaking amazing in RETURN OF THE JEDI!! It's a shame he looked like a cheap halloween mask in EPIII. I suppose the EPIII version was a step up from the original Emperor in EMPIRE STRIKES BACK... but Lucas changed that in the Special Edition. But I don't acknowledge the Special Editions... I suppose I don't really acknowledge the Prequels, either. So yeah, this bust looks awesome! I'm glad they went with the JEDI version instead of EMPIRE's... the only other time Palpatine is on screen. You can buy this bad boy HERE, for $500.



Andrew Glazebrook said...

Neat !! Palpatine's mask was seriously crap in ROTS !!

Lisa said...

Like you said - it looks pretty sweet. But I don't know anyone who would put a life-size head of Palpatine in their house. Do I?? hmmmmm.....weeellllll......nnnnooooo..... I don't think I do. And I know more than a few SW fans.

Anonymous said...

wher's the as-crack head???,...I wanna see that giant ass -crack for a head like in "Sith"
-seriously WTF,..who didn't notice that when they were doing the bust????

Anonymous said...

the "ass crack" head is a bit much with the sculpt. but I think the lighting contributes partially to the assyness. plus, he always had that funky brow: