Monday, February 11, 2008


This was an ad Haim put out in Variety... full page. He's now going to be IN Lost Boys 2, which will be an abomination, I'm confident. Here's a synopsis of the film, via IMDB: The sequel is set in the shady surf city of Luna Bay, California, where vampires quickly dispatch anyone who crosses their path. Into this dark world arrive Chris Emerson and his younger sister, Nicole. Having just lost their parents in a car accident, the siblings move in with their eccentric Aunt Jillian and become new prey for the locals' way of life. When Nicole unwittingly falls for a local vampire, Chris must locate and destroy the gang's lifeline before his sister's transformation is complete; to do this Chris finds himself relying on the expertise of none other than Edgar Frog (Corey Feldman). Subtle references to characters from the original film, and cameos from returning actors offer homage to the Lost Boys legend and set a sinister tone of impending doom.


Lisa said...

OMG. Please say you were joking about Lost Boys 2. Please tell me that wasn't at all even remotely serious. I don't think I could take it if they ruined one of my fave teen flicks by trying to make a follow-up over 20 years later. AND with the same actors, now all grown up. Hollywood can't really be so completely out of new ideas that they'd resort to that, can they?

Jim said...

sorry to deliver the bad news to you, Lisa... but yes, they are making a sequel. In fact, shooting is done... they are just going back and shooting some scenes with Corey, who was unable to make it when they were shooting. Freaking horrible!!! I LOVE the first one... I won't be seeing this turd!

now sing it with me, "SAY HELLO TO THE NIGHT!!!! LOST IN THE SHADOWS!!!!!"

Lisa said...

I'm just going to pretend I never heard of this abomination, OK. And maybe I'll pick up the original on DVD too.