Friday, February 15, 2008


The 4th ALIEN diorama from SideShow Collectibles is now available for preorder. This outing is the creature design from ALIEN RESURRECTION. I picked up the first one (which is incredible) and will soon be ordering the 2nd (from ALIENS... which is super-incredible!).

I'll be passing on the ALIEN 3 and this one. I've never been a fan of the creature designs post-ALIENS. Maybe if the dioramas were cheaper, say like $40, I'd pick them all up. But price, space and lack of passion are keeping me away. See, I'm not as insane as you think I am!

I wonder what (if any) will be the next ones in this line of dioramas. Will they make the Queen? Will she have the egg sack? A queen would be cool, but would be HUGE seeing as she's twice the size of a drone/warrior. Will they do the silly-stupid Newborn? Will they move onto the dreadful AVP turds? Or will this be it? Probably. I say just end it. Especially since I won't be buying any of them.... except for the queen. Oh man, it could be wicked cool!!!

You can buy the Resurrection diorama HERE for $150

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