Friday, February 15, 2008


The first pic of DENNIS QUAID was revealed today (via As you can see, it appears they are visually staying true to the source material. I can understand the hesitation (fear) of putting the actual costumes on the big screen... you don't want it to look like Dick Tracy or Street Fighter. But having normal Reality-based costuming is boring as shit. There can be a nice middle grown. I mean, Spider-Man and Batman (Begins) looked good on screen and they were very close to their comic counterparts.

However, the character IS General Hawk, who was the one character most grounded to the normal Military and Reality. So maybe there's hope.... I just really want to see Cobra Officers, Destro, Baroness and Crimson Guards like the source material. I can see it in my mind and its glorious!!! But I'm guessing they will go with a more realistic approach.

Pic of Cobra Commander here.

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