Tuesday, February 12, 2008


So apparently DAVID MURRAY is no longer going to play DESTRO in the GIJOE movie. From what I read, he was unable to get his visa papers in order quick enough to get into the U.S. in time for shooting, which begins tomorrow. So the Studio had to recast the character! Sucks for Murray, who potentially was sitting on his "big Hollywood break".

Anyway, the new Destro will be portrayed by CHRISTOPHER ECCLESTON. I'm most familiar with him from his awesome portrayal of NORFOLK in "ELIZABETH", the MAJOR in "28 DAYS LATER" and Season 1 of the recently relaunched DR WHO series. While not the perfect Destro, in my mind, I can envision him doing a kickass Destro. Much like NICHOLSON as JOKER, or KEATON as BATMAN, they were not perfect, but made their takes their own and did a decent job. So yeah, I'm okay with this casting choice!

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Anonymous said...

I don't hate him and he is a good actor. He needs to hit the gym, though. Or get into a 300 body suit or something!

Nice pic selection and arrangement, Jim!