Thursday, February 07, 2008


With the previously mentioned Marvel Ultimate Alliance game cinematics, I said I would prefer animated (2D or 3D) Marvel movies over live-action. Well over at Hasbro, they have 3 kickass clips of Spidey and Iron Man fighting a big robot. I have no idea what they are from or for - game???

It's not "perfect", but holy crap is it downright close! It looks like its by the same folks who did the Alliance game. I love Tony specifically "accessorizing" his armor for the battle and seeing each piece being put on!!! Also I thought at times the camera work successfully adapted the action and excitment of the panel to the moving screen. There's lots to geek out on, so check out the clips!!! And Marvel, please let these guys start making movies!!!!

Click HERE to watch Part 1...
Parts 2 and 3 will be to your right in a menu.
*thanks, Jason!

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spaceJASE said...

holy crap those were COOL
It totally looks like Blur Studio's work, but I don't see it listed on their site...