Friday, February 08, 2008


I had fallen behind on some reading, especially the new series NOVA from Marvel. This week I was cruising through the first 10 issues and finished wednesday night. It was alot of fun and I found the enjoyment level exceeded my expectations. So much, in fact, that last night I was quite bummed I no longer had more issues to read. I can't believe I'm enjoying a Nova book! I really dig the new costume by cover-artist Adi Granov (who recently redesigned the new Iron Man armor). Granov's cover art really helps set the look and feel of the book. I really really want to see a Nova graphic novel with his artwork.

PROS: Cool concepts, noble hero, enjoyable characters, fun action-packed stories, reminds me of 80s era of Marvel. It's Buck Rogers, Green Lantern and Farscape mixed in with Cosmic Starlin Marvel!

CONS: Cheesecake art at times (Gamora), lame Phalanx redesigns/borg ripoffs, still don't like the new "Riddick" Drax, and silly alien species encounters (purple elephant man?).

While not perfect and has its share of eye-rolling moments, I find Nova an overall fun, entertaining book full of potential! (I wonder if it will still be as enjoyable in monthly increments?) It's only a matter of time before this gets made into a movie. Did I mention I can't believe I'm enjoying a Nova book?

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