Friday, February 08, 2008


I'm pumped for this next Pixar film!
I really disliked CARS and thought RATATOUILLE was eh....
pretty looking, but the story was blah.
Anyway, WALL-E looks awesome!


Anonymous said...

I liked it when it was called short circuit.

This looks like it was pitched back in the yesteryears when animating anything not hard surfaced was too hard..
so you have a story about two simple robots.. but then it took them so long to get it going, now you have 2 simple characters in super complex environments/fx..

1st robot design is ripped off from short circuit..
and the new robot chick love interest (sigh) looks like Hitchhiker's guide robot shit out an imac.


and cars was lame, but ratatouille was actually good.

Jim said...

Pixar's look design has never been original, anyway. Its all about the story and storytelling.

And you liked it was Short Circuit? That movie was fucking terrible.

I know its not talking animals or ogres, but I think Wall-E looks like one of their best films.

Ratatouille was boring. Pretty, but boring and transparent.

Anonymous said...

Aaaaahhhhh, you guys are both wrong, EVERYONE liked short curuit ( wether you want to admit it now or not) at the time (notice "at the time") it was a great flick, and...I thought Ratatouille was one of there better films. ( I know, JIM,..I know,..blah,blah, blah....boring, stupid..blah, blah)

- and This one looks great also. Pixar is the best in the biz at this genre'. Although some of their stories are't as good as others, they are all solid films.


Jim said...

I think I must be the only person who hated Short Circuit, even when it first came out.

Frank Gillespie said...

no Jim, you wern't the only one to hate it. The 80's were not kind to those of us who don't favor stylized movies. There are rare exceptions, but very rare...

crookymike said...

Did anyone else notice Wall-E was speaking Jawa?

Anonymous said...

Oh my God ---Batteries Not Short Circuit ---give me an effin' break ....can somebody tell disney there is nothing left for them to exploit and just put the mouse on a stick already!