Monday, February 18, 2008


Allegedly from a HULK Movie product booth at Toy Fair in Germany. So far, from what I've seen, I'm diggint the look of the Hulk in this new outing. And look! Purple pants!!! Marvel continues to stress is NOT a sequel to Ang Lee's film, but a DO-OVER. Fingers crossed, ya'll!


Frank Gillespie said...

the upper body looks a little smaller than the original promo poster suggested... I'm a little skeptical on whether this is legit or not. If it is that's fine and I would be happy.

Anonymous said...

i love it,'s the closet thing to tha "HULK" I've seen. I know that bc of atrists and rec-cons, he "looks different every incarnations" ( which means they are making excuses for poor artists who can't draw a muscular guy without making 20 feet tall with veins popping out in places where there are none) He's NOT

a) 15 feet tall
b) have a friggin 70 inch chest, but a 30 inch waist
c) pretty
d) and...looks pretty much like any thing that was done around the mid-90's

-who ever did that sculpt, thank you for using some proportions in your sculpt.and actually THINKING about what a man/monstar that size wouls look like.( even though I still think he's too tall :) )

Frank Gillespie said...

maker, I would like the arms a little bigger but no so big that he winds up looking like Mr Hyde from the LOEG movie.