Monday, February 11, 2008


Check out this wicked custom FAKER!
Looks like a repainted Conan fig from McFarlane.
Sweet. Faker rulez.
More customs by Anthony HERE...
--- this sweet Conan-to-HEMAN bust,
holding Beastman's head!
...or check out some of his gratuitous T&A statues,
like this STORM that would make Marvel blush!


Anonymous said...

If you're going to have something so gratuitous why not just go full out and have a porn statue?

It's like "well I really do want to have a bust of this character naked but I don't want people to know I'm a total perv so I'll just get the one where she has her nipples and vajayjay covered."

Also, I had to totally google "faker" cause I had no idea who it was. I watched "He-Man" as a Kid but I just don't remember the character. Then of course when I tried to re-watch the series like 3 years ago, it really didn't hold up so I had to turn it off. I guess I just never got to his episodes.

Anonymous said...

that was me

Jim said...

I don't recall ever seeing Faker on the TV show. Even as a kid, I was disappointed in the cartoon - too silly and kind of boring... nothing compared to an active imagination of a child, right?! Anyway, I've only known Faker by his action figure. Which was a repaint of a He-Man figure, but with orange Skeletor armor and a "computer" sticker on his chest.

He was pretty lame, actually. But then, many years later, looking back, I became quite fond of him; nostalgia, I suppose... kitch nostalgia!