Thursday, February 07, 2008


I forgot to post this yesteday.... Czech supermodel KAROLINA ISELA KURKOVA has been cast as COVER GIRL in the upcoming GIJOE movie. The character's bio is she was a supermodel who joined the army to seek out a better purpose in life. She kicked ass enough to be a member of GIJOE and became a tank specialist, rocking shit out with a Wolverine Missle Tank. So the whole "hiring a supermodel instead of an actor" makes sense.... er, I guess. As long as she can ACT... or has no speaking parts and is just in the background. Who knows...

I've said it before, while I want this to be the "ultimate GIJoe movie" I've been envisioning since my youth, I have to remind myself that they are not making "My GIJoe Movie" nor are they adapting the COMIC, which was the "source material" (and kicked ass). Instead, they are adapting the [somewhat silly] CARTOON and various incarnations that have come since; new toys, new cartoons, new comics. Much like how TRANSFORMERS was a new approach and envisioning, I assume this will be, too, for a new generation.

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