Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Oh my goodness!
Guess who's coming to the House of Blues Sunset Strip?!
That's right, Dee Snyder
and all the other original members are back to rock the house!
Man, I think I may have to go to this....


otter said...

That reminds me...I had a female cab driver in Myrtle Beach named Moe. It was a long drive and we got into career choices. She said her other career was stage lighting for bands.

We said, "Like who?"

She said, "like Twisted Sister."

We said, "REALLY?!? They're still around?!?!"

She said, "Yep. And that's what I do. I light 'em up."

maker said...

I miss Myrtle Beach (not the tourists though).............grew up about an hour from there.......

breonala said...

I like the Sculpted Oaks at the south Myrtle Beach State Park!