Monday, October 23, 2006


Ok, so I think everyone knows that I fucking hate remakes.

Well, they are remaking HELLRAISER, which is really really stupid. For one, the film is just fine the way it is. Sure its a low-budget movie, but that's part of the charm and success. And besides, when they made HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER II, they summed up the 1st one in the first 12minutes then expanded upon it making it the perfect solid Hellraiser movie. There was no need for any of the horrible sequels (III and on) and there's no reason for a remake! The only GOOD thing is that the Weinsteins approached Clive Barker and offered him the writing duties on the remake, which he took. I guess he'd rather remake it than watch some hack butcher his work.... he's probably tired of seeing the sequels do that. So, we're going to get another HELLRAISER film by Clive Barker but with a much much larger budget; the first one had a budget of $900,000 - think about it, Jim Carrey gets fucking $20million per film alone. I'm very curious to see how this plays out. Will he recast Doug Bradley to once again be PINHEAD? Will the Cenobites look the same? (they are PERFECT, btw).

In honor of this news and Halloween quickly approaching, I'm going to give out some homework for this week:


You can netflix it here.

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Andrew Glazebrook said...

Yeah the Cenobites are fine,so how can you better them,why remake this or any movie ? Money is the only reason and John Carpenter admitted that was a factor in him letting them remake The Fog,atleast he had the balls to admit it. A remake of Halloween...The Shape/Michael Myers is what he is,again how do you better it or it's music that practically is the film in a lot of ways !
Stuff like Dracula and Frankenstein have been done so many times that I don't care how many times they make em. But there's this trend now of making remakes of films that are 20 years or less old,and still look and are great cinema. The Hitcher being another one getting a remake. It pisses me off big style Glazy will quite happily help Jim Smash remakes !!