Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Oops, forgot to post some Vegas pics from a few weeks back. Unfortunately, I only have 4 handy while I'm remembering, so here they are. Bottom 2 are of a tasty table of delicious BORG SPHERES at the Star Trek bar at the Hilton. If you're over 21, I highly recommend getting yourself your own personal mini-Borg Sphere next time you find yourself in Vegas; it will fuck you up in a delightfully good way. There's nothing quite like stumbling around the ST Bar, plastered on smoldering green alien drinks as Klingons and Ferengi pass by you. This last time, Dylan and I were so inebriated, we ended up buying Classic ST Phasers at the gift shop. I scare myself sometimes. The Top 2 are at an undisclosed bar.... poison of choice there are the ever tasty, large-sized SCORPIONS. Mmmmm!!!!!


Lisa said...

When I got married in Vegas we stayed in that Hilton. I had a couple of drinks in that bar - not that huge one though. I have a photo with a borg to prove it.

Jim said...

ok, you HAVE to send pics!