Friday, October 27, 2006


This summer, DC Comics released their characters on USPS stamps! Well now its MARVEL's turn! Here is what they will look like. I dig the use of Kirby and Buscema art. But I'm a bit perplexed on some of the character choices. Of all the vast characters in the Marvel Universe to pull from, they include SPIDERWOMAN and ELEKTRA? WTF?


makerml said...

They had to be PC and didn't want to appear sexist, that's all, Plus there are a hanfull of people out there who know Elektra from that craptastic movie, and Spider-Woman from the New Avengers, so they probably thought they were marketable,..How about Sue Storm?, Mary Jane?, Wasp?, Jean Grey?,...there are so many others......(alas,it all comes down to marketability)

Anonymous said...

Maybe it’s a ploy to raise public awareness for upcoming movies featuring Spider-Women and Elektra?????

Could Elektra II be in the works???

It makes no since to me either guys!!!