Friday, February 23, 2007


So Warner Bros is now thinking about making a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie since all that cold hard cash from Batman Begins and Superman Returns has been pouring in. Reportedly, they have hired the duo-team that wrote "Mr and Mrs Smith" to pen the script. I really don't think this film could be anything but blah. For one, a studio is simply not going to spend the ridiculous amount of money it would take to do it justice. Secondly, there's not many directors who I think are capable of tackling such a huge movie while handling the material properly. Like any comic-based movie, I think it should go full CG. Somewhere between a Pixar film and say Final Fantasy. It being animated would allow the action scenarios to be larger than life like the comics, something that is very difficult for live action to accomplish with the current production system in place of churning out films in Hollywood. Plus, you can cast some great voice actors and have the characters transcend some lame casting choice by a casting director who has no idea what they're doing. No word if WB would want to cast Christian Bale and Brandon Routh to portray Batman and Superman. (source)



*thanks, Eric & Maker!

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