Thursday, February 08, 2007


A prehistoric shark was discovered in Japan a few weeks ago. The "Frilled Shark" is hardly ever seen because it lives about 600 meters or more below the ocean surface. They think sickness/dying caused it to surface.... atleast that's what they're saying... maybe being put in an acquarium did it.... Great White Sharks do not survive in tanks... *shrug*. Perhaps our good friend Otter knows? Here's some footage:

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Anonymous said...

the only thing i really know about the frilled shark is that I WANT ONE. that thing is crazy cool...those teeth! woohoo! adios, neighbor's yappy poodle. Frilly and I won't miss you.

some of my husbandry peeps said they, too, would have taken it in for observation and learn what they could about it before it died/disappeared, since it appeared to be in distress before it was spotted.

as far as great whites, Monterey has had pretty recent success with 2 of them on exhibit, until they started eating their tank mates. but their health on exhibit was good and they re-released both sharks. excellent observation and release success.

unfortunately, the Georgia Aquarium recently lost one of their four whale sharks, suddenly and for no known reason as of yet. very sad, and a tragic trade-off for taking it out of the wild. i personally think anything THAT large should remain in the wild. it's a trade-off with any animal in captivity, though.

and i still want a frilly shark.