Thursday, February 22, 2007


Today's "Hero of the Day" goes to 39 yr old JAMES VAN IVEREN, who upon hearing a woman screaming for help and thought were sounds of rape, grabbed his cavalry sword (a family heirloom) and burst down his upstairs neigbor's door, screaming "WHERE IS SHE?!" as he thrust the sword at his neighbor... who was alone in the apartment watching a porno. Iveren, who lives with his mother, says he did not call the police because he does not have a telephone. (source)


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Did the other guy have his weapon out too ?

Lisa said...

Oconomowoc is just outside of Waukesha, which is where my comic book store is.

So many things wrong with this situation - 39 year old man lives with his mom, family heirloom sword is just lying around, they don't have a telephone... you'd never know that Oconomowoc is a fairly nice, higher-income suburb.

And they don't mention what the porno watching man was doing when the neighbor burst into his apartment! I'll bet there are some awkward moments at the mail box in the future.

Anonymous said...

I bet they were about to have a "sword fight" !!!!! I saw the interview with the "victim" what a way to get "busted with porn"!!!!
Almost as bad as the rental cop in Atlanta that they liked for the olympic bombing! When they raided his house they said he hada fine collection!!!
I wonder if the porn was beastiality in nature???????