Wednesday, February 21, 2007


The Art of GIJoe is a neat virtual museum of GIJoe toy artwork; figure cards and vehicle boxes. They showcase those items from 1982-1985, pretty much the good era of Joe. Click HERE to check it out!


Anonymous said...

wow I didn't realize Snake Eyes was originally called "commando"...for some reason I always though the was "snak eyes"

Jim said...

actually, he's always been called "Snake Eyes". However, that first wave of figures, they were labeled by their TITLE, his being [a] "COMMANDO". On the back of the card, on his file card it reads "Commando. Codename: Snake Eyes".

If you look at the other figures, you'll notice they, too, are labeled by their title; "Machine Gunner, Ranger, Tank Commander, etc".

That first release, Cobra Commander was not available in stores. He was later available for mail-order only (and then later in stores) therefore he was not pictured on the back with the others. Because of that, I thought the "Cobra" figure was the leader of Cobra because of the labeling (hey, I was 6yrs old!). Of course, the first Joe I bought was Snake Eyes because he was all in black, different from all the other Joes, and therefore I assumed he was a badguy. I always preferred the bad guys... plus, Cobra has the cooler guys anyway.

So now you know.
And knowing is half the battle!