Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Today's "Douchebag of the Day" goes to PAT ROBERTSON. There's sooo many many reasons why he's a Douchebag (he really is quite a piece of shit), but this bit just happened to inspire the post today. Here's an excerpt from the February 7 edition of the Christian Broadcasting Network's The 700 Club:

ROBERTSON: You know there's a lady named Greta Van Susteren, who's on Fox.

WATTS: Yeah.

ROBERTSON: She looked gorgeous last night, but she had a really serious facial deal. And it did a wonder –

WATTS: But have you ever seen someone who got it too much, and so they come up to you, and they're like, "Pat, how are you doing? It's so good to see you."

ROBERTSON: Yeah, they got the eyes like they're Oriental, and, you know, it's all pulled. So, make sure you do it right. But — it's — that's one way you can go, but it'll cost you five or six thousand dollars probably. All right. What else?

He should team up with Rosie "Ching-Chong-Ching" O'Donnell and have an ignorant, rascist show together.


Jen said...

he is a douchbag
I can't stand him!!!!

Anonymous said...

A Douchbag is a good thing! It helps keep a healthy woman healthy and clean. This is a bad analogy for this piece of human waste....he's more along the lines of a Whale Turd that you find floating in an oil slick after a Valdez type of incident....not only reviling but also involved in toxicity.....