Wednesday, July 12, 2006


WooSpace posted about this and did a really nice job of it:
Artist, Terra Kuroda, has a brand new web site. The L.A. based artist has a lot of great work that challenges the viewer by not just presenting them with art, but by creating an art experience. Her work often inhabits the physical space of the viewer, and literally incorporates "the moment" of reception.
Click here to check her work out.
Well said!
Check it out!
She's amazing!


Mr. Legs said...

Woospace beat me to posting about the site...but I have this to add...

The image you see on the public art space is going to put Terra Kuroda in future art history books.

Truly inspired!

Anonymous said...

Terra Kuroda's work surrounds and challenges the viewer. She makes it impossible for the viewer not to be part of the work. If you didn't question the status quo of everyday life, you will after being part of her art experience. And you're always left with more questions than answers - the definition of art. She's one to watch in the future -- to see where she'll take us......

Lisa said...

WOW! That's that intellectual art I've heard so much about. When's she doing a comic book?