Monday, July 24, 2006


These were done as covers and promo pieces for the ALIEN3 comic adaptation and the mini-series "ALIENS: GENOCIDE" from Dark Horse Comics. Suydam is good friends with Frank Frazetta and you can clearly see the influence. While his Aliens tend to be a bit too much on the beefy side, I still really dig his interpretations; he highlights the alien/exotic/foreign aspect and brings the horrific ferocity of the creature to the canvas.
He also did a rad painting of the Dark Knight in a very Frazetta style! The 3 below the Batman are Frazetta's Vampirella, Conan and Death Dealer.More recently, Suydam has been receiving alot of COMIC attention from his Marvel Zombies covers. While fun and silly, I don't dig them as much. Examples here.


Nick Teab, M.D. said...

I think Giger's was perfect. BTW, do you know what Giger is up to these days?

Anonymous said...

That Batman painting is the bomb! And yes, very much frazetta like.