Monday, July 24, 2006


Here's some of the crap I got at the Con:

*Signed ALIEN print from Arthur Suydam

*Signed ALIENS print from Dave Dorman

*ALIEN Kubrick (con exclusive)

*Super Deformed ALIEN (8" tall)

*Fantastic Four Omnibus ($40!)

*X-Men #8, 19, 20, and a few others (cheap beat up copies)

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the freaking CYLON figure that was supposed to be there! Ugh! So now me and Lisa are sad sad sad.

(Dave Dorman = Alienbot with Dog)
(Suydam = Top Right Alien)


Lisa said...

I have no more tears. Sigh.

she-ra said...

um, do you like aliens or something?

Lisa said...

HOLY CRAP! Did you see what the SDCC Cylon figures were going for on ebay? over $100!

Jim said...

Only 500 pieces?!!
No wonder I couldn't find it anywhere!