Monday, July 24, 2006


Here's some of the crap I got at the Con:

*Signed ALIEN print from Arthur Suydam

*Signed ALIENS print from Dave Dorman

*ALIEN Kubrick (con exclusive)

*Super Deformed ALIEN (8" tall)

*Fantastic Four Omnibus ($40!)

*X-Men #8, 19, 20, and a few others (cheap beat up copies)

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the freaking CYLON figure that was supposed to be there! Ugh! So now me and Lisa are sad sad sad.

(Dave Dorman = Alienbot with Dog)
(Suydam = Top Right Alien)


Lisa said...

I have no more tears. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

um, do you like aliens or something?

Lisa said...

HOLY CRAP! Did you see what the SDCC Cylon figures were going for on ebay? over $100!

Jim said...

Only 500 pieces?!!
No wonder I couldn't find it anywhere!