Monday, July 17, 2006


Good News: Iron Maiden has a new album coming out soon, entitled "A Matter of Life & Death."
Great news: You can watch their first video here.



Andrew Glazebrook said...

Oh boy I hope it's better than their last album.

Jim said...

No kidding.
Their last great album was "7th Son..."

Although, I did enjoy "Brave New World" which marked Bruce Dickinson's welcomed return to the band.

But that last one, "Dance of Death" was it? - eh.

I've listened to their new single (posted link) and wasn't thrilled. But with a new album means another tour and I am GOING TO catch them this time around, I swear! :)

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Yeah Seventh Son was great ! I thought
the first album with Blaize Bailey wasn't too bad but the 2nd one was crap.I really like the first 2 albums with Paul Dianno on vocals !