Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Yesterday's "Hero of the Night" is not
Superman's arch-foe Lex Luthor once theorized he would be able to rid himself of The Man Of Steel if he could create a being with Superman's abilities that he could control. To these ends he created a Duplicating Ray capable of recreating anything that it's sensor's detected. Tricking Superman into supplying the genetic material, Luthor proceeded to create his perfect criminal henchman. The device however was created to duplicate native Earth creatures and could not properly reproduce Superman's Kryptonian physiology. The freakish creature he had created horrified Luthor. Bizarro was physically misshapen and had chalky, stark white skin and coarse hair and looked nothing like Superman. To make matters worse, Bizarro had below-average intellect and a distinctive backward speech pattern. Despite his limitations, Bizarro is a threat not to underestimated. Bizarro possesses all of Superman's powers, but without a noble mind to guide them. This makes Bizarro especially dangerous, as he is by far the most powerful and unpredictable member of the Legion of Doom."ME AM BIZARRO!"

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