Tuesday, July 25, 2006


First, forget that terrible movie with Warren Beatty and Madonna. Ok, now that that's behind us...

This October, DICK TRACY comicstrips are being collected into hardback form, joining the shelves with Peanuts, Dennis The Menace, and Gasoline Alley! IDW Publishing will start the collection at the beginning and will not stop until it's done! Overall, the plan is to do 2-3 volumes per year. I had the fortune to see some original DT artwork at the Comic Book Art Exhibit that was in LA last year. Fantastic stuff, which pushed the envelope of American sequential art. Dick Tracy is a true American classic on many levels, which to this day is still being copied and drawn from. So pick up a book sometime and visit an era that is unfortunately long since passed. This is also a great gift idea for parents and grandparents! Wow, this post sounds like an infomercial.

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Lisa said...

And feel free to order it from any fantastic comic book retailer, including us great folks at Neptune Comics. We'll gladly ship anywhere.