Friday, July 21, 2006


ONCE a year, I'm able to let my inner dork out and go down to the San Diego Comicon. Yes, even I have a dorky side. I know, I know its hard to believe, but it's true. Well, its this weekend and so, I'm off! See ya on the other side!------------------------------------------------------------------------
* this post was inspired and copied by WooSpace's post!
** and NO, I am NOT in that picture NOR do I know those people.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

That's no moon !!!

Anonymous said...

...and that was the weirdest orgy I ever went to.

Jen said...

Have fun!

awesome pic btw

Anonymous said...

5 coolest things I saw at comicon..
5) Pixie girls
4) AWSOME new statues comming out that I will never be able to afford (Millenium Falcon Model-i smell a b-day gift)
3) Larry Elmore (a man who's paintings have permantly seeped into my imagination for over 15 years)
2) 7 foot transvestite SuperGirl ("there's something about that private Lee I can't quite put my finger on")
1) a two hour tour of the USS ALASKA nuclear submarine ( THANKS JEFF, was AWSOME........see you x-mas)