Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Heard on the radio this morning that in Natalie Portman's new upcoming movie "Goya's Ghost" (about the painter), she's going for the full monty and will be "completely naked".

There is a God.


Anonymous said...

you're goddamn right it is, cause he answered my prayers. halleluleah ! charging weapons...

Anonymous said...

I'm maknig the girly comment!

WHAT?! She always said when she first did Star Wars that she would NEVER do that, 'cause she wanted to be a role model for young girls...I guess that went out the window with CLOSER...

She's a tool! Beautiful, but a tool.

Jim said...

yeah... apparently they filme her in Closer full nude but then she had a change of heart (????) and they redid the scene with her in a GString.......................... um, what were we talking about again?

oh yeah!
She also said that she would never allow nude pictures of herself to be on the Net, etc. I guess she changed her mind.

While I'm totally into her (prrrrr) I can't help but also feel a bit disappointed in this.

Oh, also.... the nude scene in question for "Goya's Ghost"... she's being stripped down by mean interrogators or something, meaning it's not a sexual scene. Nude, but not sexual.

Did I forget to mention that part in the original post?


Andrew Glazebrook said...

I best break out the Kleenex !!!