Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Dark Horse comics has been producing Star Wars comics for atleast the past 16 years or so. While most of them have been poop, there have been a few gems in there; Dark Empire comes to mind. However, they have now unleashed a bane upon the Star Wars Mythos with "Legacy" which takes place waaaaay in the future, after Return of the Jedi. I'm all for new stories, but do it with, oh I don't know, some fucking imagination!!!! Behold 2 covers of the new title.

Let's start with the left image... we have a Twi'lek Jedi (see previous Twi'lek rant here) with a dual lightsaber like Darth Maul (sigh) and someone who I think is Jor-El. Why he is in Star Wars I do not understand.

Now let's jump over the right image and check out the New Wave stripper (ugh)....skip over the middle chode (saving the best for last) and we have Christie from Alien: Resurrection.

And finally, the insult of all insults: The surfer dude wearing Luke's cloak from Dark Empire and what looks like Darth Vader's pants and boots. Of course, he not only has a lightsaber but also a blaster. Why not give him Boba Fett's helmet and be done with it.

Jesus, people! Have some imagination!!! And so, I hereby decree that Dark Horse Comics is unworthy of producing Star Wars Comics and is officially banned from making more comics.
This Law is punishable by
banishment to the Phantom Zone.


Anonymous said...

although the last three movies were somewhat of a dissapointment (except of course that kick-ass, awsome, brilliantly done Kuroda edit that is floating around out there.........) I really don't include any of the books/comics in the SW mythos, for that exact reason. anyone with a lisence can write whatever sub-par, rediculous story involving the SW world and pass it off as part of the time line. It's the movies and nothing else people..........I don't care who gave who permission, or how cool a character was, it's nothing more than fan-fiction....

Anonymous said...

Breath Maker! Breath!
...and your right. All SW material (excluding the films and the animated CW) should be looked at as nothing more than an "Elseworld" story.

Jim said...

DARK EMPIRE kicked ass and should have been the end of Return to the Jedi.