Monday, July 31, 2006


We all knew the time would eventually arrive... home computers, cheap/cracked software, the internet.... A new era of fanmade films is here! And of course, the Trekkies are blazing the fun nerdy path for us all! Here is yet another fanmade Star Trek TV show. This time around, they are picking up where the original show left off and completely the 5 year mission (and stealing Maker and my's idea, damnit!). One thing that makes this fan show different than the others is they have actually somehow manage to get some of the original actors to guest star! I think you can guess which ones without looking by using simple deduction skillz. Anyway, click here to see their site and watch some of their episodes.

Oh, and their Uhura is a fox!

Star Trek Exeter post.

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Anonymous said...

Without Shatner, Nemoy and Kelley, it's just a "cover band" of nerds. Fun perhaps, but you cannot replace those 3.

Uhura is nice. I'll agree with you on that one, Jim! LOL