Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Man, there's currently 3 rad COLOSSUS statues on the Market and I want them all! Dig em:

1) It's actually a series of 6 individual statues, when put together, recreates the wicked classic scene from the Dark Phoenix Saga! Note: You can remove the platform Colossus is holding over his head and put the Wolverine in his hands! Fast Ball Special, Biotch!!! Awesome.

2) The Cyclops/Colossus Vs Sentinel statue! There's 2 versions, one that lights up (Cyclops' visor, Sentinel eyes & palm, exposed wiring hanging from the Sentinel head, etc). Sweet Christmas, that kicks ass!! And Dylan has it, too!!! (non-lightup version).

3) Soon-to-be released "Trial of Colossus", depicting the sweet cover to UNCANNY X-MEN #122. That's so sweet, I'm gettin' chubby!

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