Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Sony has pulled a Dutch billboard ad campaign for its new white version PSP due to complaints that it is rascist. A picture of a white woman aggressoviely grabbing the face of a black woman with the tagline "PlayStation Portable White is Coming." Now why would anyone think that was rascist? Jeezus, Sony.


spaceJASE said...

People would think that was racist because they were looking at it out of context.

The advert people are circulating is one of three. One also shows the two combatants on equal ground: both standing ready to fight. The third shows the black female looming over a clearly beaten and downtrodden white female. Full body.

People will see whatever they are looking for. Americans are really good at policing themselves on racist issues becasue it still hits really close to home. Which is why SONY didn't release these adverts in America - only in the Netherlands, where racism is not an issues like here.

SONY bowed to pressure here - and probably rightfully so... but if you had to worry about offending everyone, then there probably wouldn't be any advertising out there ever anymore. There wouldn't be stuff like happy tree friends or Team America or South Park or anything.

It'd all be Pleasantville.

America: go fucking whine about religious purging and child prostitution and starving people instead of this junk. You're pathetic. (Not you personally Jim)

Jim said...

"religious purging and child prostitution and starving people"

You have your priorities mixed up, Jason. Come on, this is 21st Century America!!! :)

Joking aside, well said.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think it's erotic as hell. America get your head where it belongs, dude !!!