Monday, July 31, 2006


Get ready for the Creationism Museum! That's right, Kentucky is building its very own natural history museum but without all that annoying science crap involved! It will have fun exhibits for the kids such as depicting dinosaurs roaming the earth.... but with Adam & Eve running around in the background (hopefully covering their sinful naughty parts!!). The above pic is one of the exhibits you'll be able to see. It depicts "two archaeologists coming to very different conclusions while unearthing the same skeleton."

I've decided to help the museum and contribute my own additions to the exhibit. As you can see, I've added the Flying Spaghetti Monster, a Unicorn fossil, Bigfoot's footprints and Terl & Ker from Battlefield Earth. Imagination is fun!! Science is stoopid!!

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pumpkin said...

I love it, Jim!!!

Jen said...


Dr. Lazarus said...

I printed that one!

Scott King said...

Wow. It's funded by private donnations and already has $21 million of the total $25 million cost. Overly religous people are crazy.

haha the bookstore in the museum is called "Dragon Hall" bookstore. hahahah

pepsilover said...

That pic made me spit! HAHAHAHAHA!!