Saturday, July 29, 2006


What the hell is this shit?!!
This is the cover to "X-MEN: CIVIL WAR #2". Do my eyes deceive me or is that not a fucking Shogun Warrior turd on the cover? WHAT THE FRELL? I have nothing against anime. And I have nothing against being inspired by anime. But what I DO hate is unimagintive, talentless, lazy assholes blatantly copying things. Get that out of my face, Marvel! And horse whip the chode who allowed this garbage to seep into an X-Men book!!!



Anonymous said...

At first I thought the cover was a photoshop by you since you like to tweak such things. Then I realized it was the real cover for issue two and was horrified.

Jim said...


Anonymous said...

this is my problem with Marvel artists in general,..while there are some good ones who have a unique style of thier own and a good sense of proportion and posing,..MOST are just hacks who blatantly recycle old artwork, or photoshop pictures they have taken from mdels. Seriously, how far away are they from just going ahead and tracing.

Anonymous said...

Just so you guys are aware…

These fucking robot where impose to both David and I half way thru drawing my first civil war issue. It totally disrupts the story line and I personally hate robot in general. The design has also been impose, and believe me when I say that I would never have put myself and the other Monthly X-guys in trouble making such RIDICULOUSLY over-complex-time-consuming-ripoff robots.


Jim said...

Ugh, that sucks!

Sorry if my post made it too personal - I was talking in generalities. I am relieved to hear it was imposed on you from others, as I'm really digging the comic and have enjoyed both of your works throughout your careers.

Now just give me the name of the Imposer! Just a name....and an address. hahaha

Anonymous said...

Mark Marts.

he's not that hard to find.