Tuesday, July 18, 2006


The current release of the ALIENS dvd will either be
a)The Special Edition alone, or
b)The Special Edtion AND the Theatrical Version.

The Special Edition is poop. Don't even bother. For me its unwatchable. Always watch the Theatrical version of ALIENS. However, if you get the disc that has BOTH, there is a way to make use of a great cut scene that resides in the SE.

Here's how you watch it:
1)Begin watching the Theatrical Version.
2)After Ripley gives Newt the tracking device watch and tucks her into bed, stop the movie and start the Special Edition at the next chapter, which is Chapter 28: Speculation (Confrontation with Burke).

What you will get is the awesome "Sentry Guns" scene in which Aliens are barreling down the corridor towards the Marines and being shredded by motion-sensitive machine guns. It's intense and rocks! The only part you get that isn't cool is a brief moment between Ripley and Hicks in which she tells him her name is "Ellen" and he tells her his is "Dwayne." It halts the pace completely and is lame. But its brief and well worth it for the Sentry Guns.

So give it a whirl!

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