Tuesday, July 11, 2006


OK, today's dork discussion with Maker was during our brief walk to get coffee down the road.
"You know who's really to blame for Superman Returns' faults?" Or, in other words, why did I not like this envisioning of Superman?

1) SMALLVILLE: This show put the focus on CLARK and not SUPERMAN. While not a bad thing in itself, it heavily influenced the approach for the film. While the previous movie outings focused on SUPERMAN with Clark being the alter-ego, now it is CLARK as the main character who puts on the Superman disguise. One could argue that Clark has little screen time, but I would debate that even in the Superman suit, the character is still very much Clark. Again, its an interesting approach, but for a Superman MOVIE, I think there should have been more emphasis on SUPERMAN.

2) ALEX ROSS: Ross' paintings of Superman showed us what the perfect Superman can be. It raised the bar and set a standard. Singer should have hired Ross to help cast and design the costume.

3) CHRISTOPHER REEVE: Yes, you buddy! You did such a kickass Superman that you've left huge nearly-impossible red boots to fill. Good going.

While this post is in jest, I still feel these 3 are large influences, even if only through my own perceptions.

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