Thursday, July 20, 2006


Saw HANZO THE RAZOR: SWORD OF JUSTICE last night. It's the 1st film of a Trilogy. The main character is Hanzo "The Razor" Itami; an honest, uncompromising samurai cop, who's tactics are something to be seen to be believed. It's by the same creator of the Lone Wolf and Cub series and based on Kazuo Koike’s classic mangas. "In the name of justice, there’s no torture he won’t endure, no pain he won’t inflict, and no superior he’ll bow to."

I-I really have no words for this film to do it justice. It's brilliant, deranged, hilarious, pornographic, offensive, genius, amazing and just overall spectacular. It's a Japanese Samurai "Period Piece" done in the 70s with all the funkadelic 70s flare ontop. Think 7 Samurai meets Shaft meets Dirty Harry meets Kill Bill meets any 70s Porn added with some Fetish/Torture films - tastefully done...well, "tastefully". It'll blow your mind, for better or worse.

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