Monday, October 11, 2010


YEA!!! JimSmash Reader DAVE contributed 2 MORE ALIENS BOOKS via an Amazon Online Gift Card! That brings the total amount of books on the shelf to 41!!! Mrs Smash is super happy that the Insane Mission continues forward. The shelf is now completely packed and full, which means future books will begin SHELF #2! Thank you Dave!!

Books 1-4: My own, previous copies

Book 5: from Richard G.
Book 6: from Helen & Bree
Book 7: from Helen & Bree
Book 8: from Helen & Bree
Book 9: from Homie Bear
Book 10: from Homie Bear
Book 11: from Mikko
Book 12: from Mikko
Book 13: from nfpgasmask
Book 14: from Helen & Bree
Book 15: from Dogfish
Book 16: from King
Book 17: from Mandora
Book 18: from Crooky Mike
Book 19: from Crooky Mike
Book 20: from Crooky Mike
Book 21:
from Crooky Mike
Book 22:
from Homie Bear
Book 23:
from Mandora
Book 24:
from King
Book 25:
from Mikko
Book 26:
from Dogfish
Book 27: from Mandora
Book 28: from Mikko
Book 29: from CrookyMike
Book 30: from Melchy
Book 31: from CrookyMike
Book 32:
from Mandora
Book 33:
from Melchy
Book 34: from Andrew
Book 35: from Homie Bear
Book 36: from Andrew
Book 37: from Timewaster
Book 38:
from Dr. Lazarus
Book 39:
from Eleanor
Book 40:
from Dave
Book 41:
from Dave


And its never too late to join in on the fun and contribute to my INSANE MISSION! Simply send an gift card to ($5, 8, 12, 16, etc in increments of 4 - see link for further info).

Or, if you have/find a copy of the ALIENS NOVELIZATION and want to DONATE, please email me!

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dylanio21 said...

Do you actually read em all ??

Jim said...


Anonymous said...

Full shelf of awesome! I'm going to buy you some more books for Shelf #2. This mission is insane enough to support! Let's all give Jim an entire bookshelf of Aliens books! glorious!

Unknown said...


Philip said...

That is awesome, Jim! You need more books!