Monday, October 25, 2010


In 2008, TENCENTTICKER hosted an art contest to redesign SUPERMAN'S costume. I think the current "classic" Superman costume is perfect how it is. If it ain't broke, don't fuck with it. But its always fun to see where imaginations can take it, especially for Elseworld/Future stories (that's how I see these redesigns). I thought I'd post my favorites from their finalists with some quick first reaction thoughts:

by Avi Bastermagian
I dig this costume, but not for Kal-El. This would make a great costume for an older (late-20s+) SUPERBOY. Maybe splash some yellow into that insignia - the black works for "Kingdom Come" but in general I think the Legacy of Superman is about Light & Hope. You need the color.
by Ming Doyle
This one's fun because you see how the redesign works across the Superman Family; Superman, Supergirl & Superboy. The design incorporates elements of past, present and future. The most striking element is the S-Insignia, which has a nice Kryptonian and/or Futuristic feel to it. I think the redesign works best on Superboy.
by Paul Salvi
This one really brings in a 1930s/40s SCI-FI feel to the table, but with current sensibilities. It reminds me of the old (and awesome) Flash Gordon & Buck Rogers comic strips, mixed with the George Reeves' Krypton, with some [futuristic] Bruce Timm. The gray tones contribute to much of that. Like I said before, "you need the color" with Superman. But for fun, I see this as from a Black-&-White Elseworld series.
by Daniel Heard
Ha, I love this design simply for the fun factor. I can imagine a young Golden Age Clark Kent designing his costume from materials around the house. This design makes me think of Small Town America, Mom & Apple Pie, which is at the core of Clark.
by Victor Newman
I really like this design... just not for Superman. Change the chest logo and you have ZOD!

Click HERE to see more and much much better comments by the TenCentTicker crew (and Mark Waid!).

*note: I did not read the TenCentTicker Crew comments before this post, as to not influence my first reaction to the designs.


Mikko said...

I see people removed the double underpants- the Kal-El's trademark.

Boyblue's DC Universe said...

These redesigns are really great!!