Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Upon looking at this cover, I was unexpectedlyhit with a sense of joyous nostalgia. While the 90s were a.... rough... time to be a Big Two Superhero Fan, there were still some fun gems. The crazy transformation/replacment/downfall of DC's main superheroes being one of them. Let's see, in the 90s we had....

SUPERMAN: Superman dies defeating Doomsday. Is replaced with 4 mysterious "Super" People; Superboy, Steel, Eradicator and Cyborg Superman. I rather enjoyed the 'Reign of Superman' storyline that ran through the then-four Super Titles. Its also where Hal Jordan's downward spiral begins.
*Reading: "Death of Superman, Return of Superman"

BATMAN: Batman is broken & defeated by Bane. He is then replaced with Azrael who quickly becomes a psychopath and transforms into the armored (and clawed!) "AzBat". This one was a lot of fun... conceptually. Unfortunately, much like all these events, the writing was meh. But, it had a lot of art by the legendary Jim Aparo, so there was that (although it wasn't his best work).
*Reading: "Batman: Sword of Azrael, Knight Fall: Book1, Book2, Book3"

GREEN LANTERN. Hal Jordan, the best of the best, goes crazy... and kills all the other Green Lanterns, Guardians, destroys the Central Power Battery and becomes the cosmic villain Parallax (and later died & became The Spectre... and then later returned, and revealed he wasn't really Parallax <----super paraphrasing facts). This one was just a pathetic gimmick that tragically destroyed the character of Hal. And terrible art. Hal was then replaced by the young Kyle Rayner. *Reading: "Emerald Twilight, Final Night, Rebirth"

In additon to the above, in the 1990s DC, GREEN ARROW died and was replaced with his newfound late-teens son, Connor Hawke, who became the new Green Arrow. Written by Chuck Dixon, I dug that run of issues and wish they'd collect into a "Green Arrow: The Connor Hawke Omnibus"

AQUAMAN had his left hand eaten by pirahnas and then ran around as a long-haired, angry undersea gladiator with a harpoon... that he would shoot at people.

WONDER WOMAN (Diana) was replaced by the insensitive, thong-wearing warrior Artemis who would scold battered women for letting their abusive husbands hit them.

And the FLASH... well, Barry was already suceded in the late-80s by his partner, then-Kid Flash, Wally West. The 90s Flash was actually really fucking awesome under the pen of Mark Waid, Grant Morrison, Brian Augustyn & Mark Millar.
*90 Flash Reading:"Terminal Velocity, Race Against Time, Dead Heat, Emergency Stop, The Human Race, and more!


Tom said...

Eradicator is smiling... why?

Timewaster said...

I always enjoyed the Knightfall storyline. I didn't follow it for every issue, but I thought it was pretty cool at the time. And for some reason, I always really liked the ridiculous Azrael Batman costume.

Jim said...

Depending on the artist, I too liked Azrael Batman costume (designed by Joe Quesada!). And I still like that original Azrael costume (agin, by Quesada).

I wasn't into the Red "AzBat" suit, tho.