Monday, October 04, 2010


Alright, its October! Which means its Halloween Month! Which means its time to start celebrating all month long with "Halloween Movies"!! This year I'm not really in the mood for Slasher flicks or even Scary... I'm more in the mood for fun, fantastical, magical, and whimsical (for the most part). So this year I'm definitely going to watch the films above. See the Comments Section for further information.

What are YOU going to watch this month?!


Jim said...

PUMPKINHEAD: This is one I watch every Halloween Month! Fun monster flick directed by the late great Stan Winston. Pumpkinhead is one of my favorite Halloween Demons!

YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN: The classic. The essential. This is one of those films that gets more brilliant with each passing year and viewing. A MUST!

THE THING: It's been a while (ie more than a year) since I've watched this flick. What better time than now to revisit!

ALIEN: I consider this more a "Watch Anytime, All The Time" movie but a lot of folk seem to enjoy it at Halloween. One year the local theater showed 2 nights of midnight showings around halloween.... I went to both showings and it was awesome. The Blu-Ray dvd release is just around the corner, so I'll be watch both ALIEN and ALIENS... but I'll make sure to watch ALIEN before Halloween even if my schedule gets busy.

THE MUNSTERS: This will fill in the gaps between the Movies and my regular TV Watching time throughout the month! Love me some Munsters!

DOG SOLDIERS: I haven't seen this and I know its going to be bad, but I wanted to watch a Werewolf movie I haven't seen before. I hear this one is "Marines vs Werewolves" and I'm in. I meant to watch this one last year but didn't get to it.

UNDERWORLD 3: A buddy of mine has never seen it so I thought I'd watch with. I liked this movie... maybe even more than the first one. It's just a fun, comic book movie with medieval vampires and werewolves.

HOUSE OF THE WOLF MAN: This one's finally out on dvd. Reviews haven't been too kind, but the pics released last year looked great; awesome Frankenstein! Plus, the Wolf Man, I believe, is Lon Chaney's grandson or something.


THE CROW: I haven't seen this one in about a decade. It set on Halloween Eve, so why not.

TREMORS: Cooky and fun. Not really a "Halloween Movie", but it has monsters... We kicked off Halloween Month with this one last week. Love this flick!

GREAT PUMPKIN CHARLIE BROWN: You have to watch this, the Great Pumpkin demands! And you must watch it when it airs... no DVR shit.

DONNIE DARKO: Man, I vaguely remember this film.... reasons are none of your business.


THE FRIGHTENERS: Fun and funny. Peter Jackson's 1990s comedic "scary" flick with Michael J. Fox.

Timewaster said...

Dog Soldiers isn't bad, actually. And Abbot & Costello Meet Frankenstein is still hysterical even to this day.

I will at some point be watching "Night of the Demon". There's a used DVD store down the street from me, and I bought it there for like $5 a couple years ago but haven't watched it.

Also I have to put in my Blu-Ray of "John Carpenter's Halloween". I might turn the TV so it's facing a window, sit outside on my lawn and bring the speakers out to simulate a drive-in movie feel.

Or maybe I'll just be too lazy to do that and sit on my couch.

Jim said...

Are you referring to 1988's "Night of the Demons" where Angela throws a party at an abandoned funeral home and stumble upon an old mirror.....?!!!

1988... 8th grade.... Best friends house... aww yehh!!!

That movie almost made this year's list!!! Now I gotta watch it... It's a sign.

Timewaster said...

Yes, I was talking of the one and the same. Still never seen it!

morbo said...

i have to suggest and recommend PONTYPOOL
directed by Bruce MacDonald
it's known as a Zombie movies without zombies..and it's Canadian..a Canadian produced zombie movie with no zombies? prepare for a suckfest right? i was pleasantly surprised. my zombie movie expectations are reasonably low...if they have zombies..they're i didn't really know what to expect with this reportedly zombie free was solid...
more than solid.
However, don't ever, ever watch ZOMBIES OF MASS DESTRUCTION.
i know you will be tempted.
leave it alone..
that being said there is a face peeling scene...but still...
don't be fooled by the title.

Anonymous said...

DOG SOLDIERS is an awesome Horror/Action movie!

Ryan said...

PLease please please watch "Trick 'r Treat". It is an anthology style horror film in the vein of Creepshow. Masterfully done, scary, funny... amazing. Best Halloween movie I've ever seen and a must watch every Oct for me!

And Dog Soldiers is great!

I'm a sucker for 80's cheese so I'll be watching:
The Blob
Night of the Demons (there is a remake starring Eddie Furlong and Shannon Elizabeth that I will see even though my expectations are LOW)
Return of the Living Dead
Monster Squad

Great list and happy watching!

Mister Bones said...

I will echo everyone else in saying that Dog Soldiers was a great flick. Of course I think ALL of Neil Marshall's movies are though.

Also agree on Trick R' Treat, my new favorite Halloween movie. I'll definitely be watching it after I get done trick or treating with my kids and get them to sleep this year.

Other than that, I pretty much watch horror films all year, so I don't go out of my way to watch anything special in October.

Anonymous said...

Donnie Darko is even better in the extended BluRay version, and the second one (S. Darko) is actually QUITE a good movie! it stars the actual character who plays the sister (one of her only lines in DD is: "what's a fuck-ass?" LOL), who is turning into quite the gorgeous young lady & great actress. VERY INTERESTING movie that stands alone & adds both insight and intrigue compared to the first one.

we recently finally got the time to watch S. Darko, twice, and then put in the special edition Donnie Darko. GREAT movies w/ the 2nd actually living up to the CLASSIC 1st in a way that the legendary Crow movies failed to do after the amazing 1st one.

i think we'll be watching The Crow now, ty for the mention Jim.

Unknown said...

movie monster carnival

Anonymous said...

I second Trick r treat it rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!