Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I've been wanting to see some of this footage for decades!! I hope there's more on the upcoming blu-ray release, but doubt it. If BTTF was a more "dark Indy" kind of movie, sans the fun quirky adventure that is, Stoltz would have been absolutely fantastic. He just wasn't right for the movie Zemekis was making. I'd love to see all the Stoltz footage together, with a darker score/soundtrack!


Andrew Glazebrook said...

I seen the whole sequence years ago of the Doc and Marty when he first see's the time machine on some UK TV show, since then it seems all the footage has been banned, don't know if it was by Stolt'z solicitors or not !! I think like the footage of Janeway from Star Trek:voyager, it can now be shown as the rights have maybe gone back to the company !!

Jim said...

OOoh, i want to see that footage!

janway st/voyager footage thing?????

Randallw said...

They originally had Geneviève Bujold play Janeway at first but she was too much of a diva so she got replaced after a few days.

Anonymous said...

The original script for BTTF was nothing like what eventually made it onto the big screen either. One wonders how much of that was intact when Stoltz was in the role.

Mike D. said...

Actors...make the movie. In this case the movie would have been successful either way. ( whether is was Michael or Eric )...Michael is a comedic actor with great drama chops. Eric is an eclectic actor who can play comedy or drama.
If they released this film with Eric playing Marty it would have probably been nominated for a best picture Oscar. Just from these short clips and knowing his work he played the "lost in time confused gotta figure this out guy" flawlessly.
Michael being a comedic genius made it work but we were watching him and not the movie. We liked him and the way he acted and reacted on a comedic level.
He did bring a whole new dimension with him in this role.
But Eric would have worked well too. This film might have gotten higher praise from the academy if they went with Stoltz.
But fans were happy , Robert was happy and it is what it is.
As much as I praised Eric here.

Jen said...

Stoltz woulda rocked
I want to see more!!!!

Sans Pantaloons said...

This could lead to a whole new re-manipulation of the movie when Marty(MJF) travels back to the future and turns into Marty(ES).

Mike D. said...

A special edition Directors cut DVD?