Friday, May 19, 2006


Today's "Villain of the Day" is SCORPIUS!
(from Farscape)

Scorpius is a half-Scarran/half-Sebacean leader of the Peacekeeper forces, with a killer looking freaky costume! His unique heritage gives him the ability to see different light/heat spectrums than most humanoids, enabling him to distinguish a species unique energy signature on sight. This allows Scorpius to not only determine a subject's race, but even tell when someone is lying. Scorpius has a highly-trained mind, enabling him to resist torture and the Scarran heat-based mind probes.

Since he is a Sebacean/Scarran hybrid, he at once suffers from the Sebacean inability to regulate body temperature under extreme heat and the higher body temperatures imposed by his Scarran heritage. This makes for an unhealthy combination, one that Scorpius compensates for through the use of sophisticated equipment built into his heat dissipating costume. This even includes an automated coolant rod device imbedded deep inside his skull and, presumably, his brain. The rods have a limited life span and must be replaced sporadically depending on Scorpius' activity level. They may overheat quickly if he overexerts himself for too long a time. If Scorpius body temperature rises too high, the coolant rod will be automatically ejected from his skull for replacement. He usually needs help from others to accomplish this.

He prides himself on his patience and his intellect. Scorpius is a character willing to do absolutely anything to achieve his goals, which he is very honest about when it suits him. He will lie, kill in cold blood, order the deaths of multitudes, torture innocents, and sacrifice those close to him in order to get what he wants. He is also willing to aid his enemies or humiliate himself if it will further his goals. He has returned from supposedly fatal situations more than once, which he credits to his "foresight and preparation." He manipulates others to do his work but does much on his own. He is highly educated, very intelligent, and extremely clever. He systematically took power from Captain Crais through use of his Aurora Chair, a device which allows him to see into the memories of others. These skills allowed him to quickly rise through the ranks and ultimately take over control a large portion of the Peacekeeper's Fleet. Only he knows how deep his schemes run, and, while he claims his main desire is to eliminate the Scarran threat, you would be well advised to loathe to ever trust him.

"I've never understood the need of some warriors to memorialize their conquests. Does displaying this decaying flesh remind you of past instances when you were powerful?"

PLUS, Scorpius is played by the talented Wayne Pygram, who also played a younger Governor Tarkin in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Brilliant casting!!!!
Thank you, Melchy - for the Tarkin reminder and reprimand!
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I always thought he looked like he had a panty on his head.

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