Wednesday, May 24, 2006


On a Comic Messageboard, someone presented the question of what your Top 6 Favorite X-Men Characters are. Wow, tough choices!!! So, instead of thinking long and hard about it, I thought I'd post the first 6 that came to my head. Here they are:
*ARCHANGEL - In Apocalypse's Horseman costume; great costume! Loved the metal wings with poison-tipped "feather darts"! Blue skin....shaved head....finally, Warren was a character I liked and wasn't "useless." One of the few exceptions of turning a character darker that I loved! I wish he was back that way (he's now back to his original non-blue skin and feather wings).

*MAGNETO - Such a tragic character! Great design! Just everything about him I love!

*STORM - Either the Cockrum/Byrne era Storm, or the Mohawked version! Once she became "Jim Lee Glam" and onward, I stopped liking her. But man, back then - she was amazing!!!

*COLOSSUS - Big ATHLETIC Russian who turns his skin into Organic Steel? Hell yeah! His character was very interesting; complex yet very simple at the same time. Love that he's back.

*ICEMAN - I feel he's rarely (if ever) handled properly. But I love his powers and SIMPLISTIC streamlined look - like ICE! He kicked ass during Simonson's X-Factor series - remember when he had that belt and his powers were out of control?!!

*WOLVERINE - Back in the day...Byrne X-Men days up even through the Jim Lee days. Before he became W
AAAAY overexposed. Back when he was still mysterious and in the background. When he still had his berserker rage and the inner struggle to control it. The Ronin Samurai. The Brown & Orange costume. Man, back then, Wolverine was cooler than cool. Now....he's so overexposed, I hate seeing him.

Fellow comic nerds - what are YOUR favorite 6 X-Men characters?
and WHY?


Anonymous said...

As to not fill up 10 pages with explainations and overanalyzations, I'll make this quick (as I can)
1)Cyclops: I don't have the time to break him down for you,..but he is one of the most tragic,complex, dynamic, kick-ass charasters. I will tell you what he is NOT. He is not a stuck-up douche (I don't know when this idea or trend started,apparently sometime around the mid-90's(nuff said)).All I know is that IS NOT cyclops. He WOULD NOT be listening to The Backstreet Boys. He is not a petty person.
nuff Said
3)Beast: The awsome combination of athleticism, strength, agility,..and most important...Brains. And just to throw in my 2 cents,..I have NEVER envisioned Kelsey Grammer (don't Care if I misspelled it) as the voice of the Beast. Again this rediculous trend started somewhere in the 90's with the cartoon.(Word of Advice....Please do not base anything off a Cartoon made for Saterday Mornings)I hear Him more as Jeff Goldbloom (think The Fly/Jurrasic Park)
4)IceMan: He is one of the most poorly used characters in the mutant universe. Stop Trying to come up with some "cool" new mutant. You have a friggin Ice Elemental standing in front of you. The limit and range of his power are only stiffled by the crappy writters that handle him.
5)Wolverine: As Jim said before,..the SHORT (5'3" People),HAIRY, mean-looking,on-the-edge ex-murderer, with a deep since of honor, son-of-a-bitch.He's WAY to over exposed now,..and WAY too much of a "cool", "likeable" character.and when did he become a pretty boy????? (Thanks Brian Singer)
That's my top 5 (without going on a rant)

Anonymous said...

Here's my top 5.

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

Number 4

All time Fav, Number 5

Jim said...

Nice - but those aren't X-Men, silly.

Anonymous said...

Actually Jim all those will be in the upcomming new X-men movie.

They represent a group of mis-fit super-heroes that the x-men take in and teach through a series of hilarious montages . Eventually they all learn a valuable lesson that it isn't what powers you have, but how you feel about yourself.

we feel we really need to connect with the downtrodden and dejected youth.

Jim said...


spaceJASE said...

Magneto is NOT an X-man!
Sure he had to work with the team sometimes when the ultimate evil made friends of enemies, but he was never a real X-man, just a poser!
Here's my list:
1) Wolverine (He's over-marketed now...)
2) Storm (Not the mohawk version)
3) Cyclops
4) Iceman
5) Collosus
and I know he was only on for a short stint, but [6) Longshot] was neato. (Mostly because Artur Adams drew him most of the time.}

Jim said...

Well, Magneto was left in charge of the X-Gang at one point (remember the lame M-costume? ugh) he was the leader of the X-Men in "Age of Apocalypse."

Now, if you look at how I worded the subject heading, I'm not asking for favorite X-MAN...I'm looking for favorite X-Men CHARACTERS. :p

yeah, Longshot was cool but mainly cause of Adams. Man, he drew the X-Folk so cool!! About 10yrs ago I got a sweet Nightcrawler sketch at Atlanta's DragonCon. Why I didn't ask for Longshot, I'll never know.....but continue to ask myself for the rest of my geeky days. heh.

Man, that era of X-Men was so fun.....Adams doing some X-Stuff and Paul Smith rocking on X-Men, post-Byrne! "....Memories....." <---(Singing)

I'm a dork.