Tuesday, May 23, 2006


WizKidz makes these neat little games called HeroClix and MechWarrior. Click here to read about the games, I 'm too lazy to write about em. Anyway, they are branching out into Horror films and one of their new upcoming games is going to be ALIENS!! Needless to say, I'm buying them all!!!

The Aliens set contains seven combat-ready creatures and debuts this December, and it is available first and at a discount to "Buy it by the Brick" customers who purchase HorrorClix at their local hobby-game retail stores. A "ClixBrick" is 12 shrink-wrapped, four-figure Booster Packs. Each set will include a special map detailing locations from the movies. As Hudson so eloquently stated, "Fuckin' A!!"

A Predator set will debut in early 2007.
*Pic posted is NOT from the game. It is of the sweet sweet Alien Queen bust that is $999 that I want you all to buy me.

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